Community Programs & Services

Community Programs: Band Administered Programs

Income Assistance
and Band Membership Programs


Joslin Bruce
Income Assistance Administrator


Mavis Bittern
Assistant Income Administrator

sharon mitchell

Sharon Mitchell
Band Membership Clerk and HRDO Worker

Community Economic Development, Housing and Lands Management

Ernest C. Bruce

Ernest C. Bruce
Community Economic Development and Investments

Eddie Hudson

Eddie Hudson
Housing Coordinator

Ray Rabliauaskas

Ray Rabliauaskas
Lands Coordinator

Aboriginal Head Start Program

imageCoordinator: Tanya Bittern

Tanya BitternThe Poplar River Aboriginal Head Start program's overall goal is to support early child development strategies. Opportunities are provided for local preschool children to develop a positive sense of themselves and encourages a desire for learning. It supports and involves parents and guardians as primary teachers and caregivers of their children and acts as an outreach to parents of these children. It provides a "hot meal program" that is held every Wednesday. Local elders are also invited for storytelling. Parenting Programs are available and are provided twice a week. Van transportation is provided for parents requiring transport. The Head Start Centre officially opened on January 26, 1999.

Day Care Centre

imageDirector: Marilyn Mason

The Day Care Centre provides day care services for children ages 16 months to 8 years. It has a space allocation of 16 child care spaces. It also provides an after-school program for working parent(s). The centre officially opened its doors on February 1, 1999.


Elders Lodge

imageManager: Mildred Doerksen

The Elders Lodge was constructed in 2004 and can accommodate up to 10 residents. It provides independent living space for community elders and is staffed by a lodge manager, one full time cook, four home care workers and a half time custodian.


Youth Drop In/Fitness Centre

imageCoordinator: Henry Hudson

The Youth Drop In/Fitness Centre is located near the airport. The primary age group it targets are ages 7 and up. The centre is a drop in for children and youth for entertainment and recreation activities. It is open all year round. The weekday hours are 4:00 to 10:00 pm. Activities available at the centre include ping-pong, air hockey, television video games, pool tables, movies and card/board games.

Group Home "Apinonchisiwigamik"

imageDirector: Sherri Hudson

The “Apinonchisiwigamik” offers a short & long term placement for children in need of protection and shelter. It serves primarily the community of Poplar River and other SERDC communities. Placements are made through the Southeast Child & Family Services.

The group home provides a mixed educational program which blends the appropriate educational curriculum through the Poplar River school and a cultural component which includes traditional methods, skill and philosophy of living from the surrounding environment.

The facility is licensed and became fully operational in June 2001. Space is limited to 10 placements at a time.

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